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🔥 "Mom, Dad, can I have some money to buy 20 Game Boys?"
It was the year 2002.
And I was just 14 years old.
What in the world was I going to do with 20 Game Boys?
Well, I wasn’t asking so I could play.
I was asking so I could sell.
I had just learned how to make websites.
And I had also just read the book 📙“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.
I could already see it.
A million dollars 💵💵💵 sitting in my bedroom.
It was all that my teenage mind could think about.
But then…
“No, sorry son.”
“Stop trying to sell Game Boys and start focusing on getting better grades.”
My parents said.
And so it was...
In just a few words, my dream of selling Game Boys was over.
You see,
Ever since I was a child, the vision my parents had for me was to be the next great doctor 👨‍⚕️or the next top lawyer 👨‍⚖️.
Because in the Asian culture, becoming a doctor or lawyer means you’ve MADE IT in life.
It’s the quickest way to go from working immigrant class to HIGH class.
Once you’re a doctor or lawyer, you become one of the elites.
💲 Money.
👑 Status.
💪 Power.
And once you have those things…
You are set… for life.
But after 4 years of high school, it was clear…
That life was not for me.
Because I understood from the beginning that it’s not money, status, and power that I’m really after, it’s...
🌅 Freedom.
❤️ Love.
🙂 And Happiness.
That first “no” was just a little bump in the road.
It took another 4 years, but in 2006, right before I graduated high school, I did something that would forever change my life.
“Hey Patrick, let me show you something.”
I opened up a website.
“It’s called Google Adsense and apparently you can make money just by putting advertisements on your own website.”
“Wanna try it out with me?”
And that’s how my first partnership was formed.
Over the next several months, Patrick and I worked hard to build a website.
At first no one came to our site.
I would login to my Google Adsense account every day.
And every day it would say the same thing.
But we kept at it.
Month after month, we would do everything we could.
✍️ Write articles.
📰 Produce content.
📣 Promote our website.
Day in, day out.
And then one day, something amazing happened.
I won’t forget that day.
I opened my Google Adsense account and there it was…
😍 $1.08!!!
Someone had clicked on an ad and we just made our very first $1 online. 🤯
We were SO excited.
Yeah, it was only $1.
But that $1 was enough.
It was the spark, the flame that fueled a dream.
The next day, another $1 came in.
The day after that, another.
Soon $1 became $100.
$100 became $300.
Then we started promoting affiliate products.
And that’s when $300 eventually became thousands of dollars.
Every. Single. Month.
We couldn’t believe it.
And do you know what the best part was?
It was seeing money come in even when we were out playing and partying. 🥳
I was literally addicted to getting those confirmation emails.
“Congratulations, you just made a commission!”
And that feeling of receiving a large deposit in my bank account every single week…
Absolutely incredible.
I was high on life.
But then I got a call… ☎️
“Andrew, why aren’t you focusing on your college classes?”
“Why are you throwing your career away?”
My parents had called.
And they weren’t happy.
They were paying tens of thousands of dollars for me to go to a top university.
And based on my grades, it looked like I was throwing it all away.
“What you’re doing is not going to last forever…”
They said.
“Your college degree is the key to your future.”
I understood their frustration and disappointment.
How could I be throwing so much of their hard earned money away?
Did I not appreciate what they were doing for me?
But then look at what I had accomplished on the side…
What could I do?
What SHOULD I do?
I had to really sit down and ask myself…
“Am I really doing the right thing here?”
“Is this really just a one time fluke?”
It wasn't an easy decision to make, but what I decided to do after that…
Made all the difference in my life…

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